Software Development

Software is used by humans.
Usability is therefore one of our main aims in software projects.


We offer our customers individualized software development in the following areas:

  • InDesign automation via templates and scripts
  • Creation of scripts for semi-automatic processing of documents
  • Conversion tools
  • Interface programming
  • Word document templates
  • Web developments

“Together with Kösel, we have developed an editorial system with which we were able to do the entire revision of the “Dorsch - Lexikon der Psychologie”. Kösel gave us excellent advice on this process and its realisation and found a streamlined and elegant solution for us that not only allowed the editing of a complex dictionary by 19 experts and more than 500 authors but also offered diverse export functions. For example, the online portal to the encyclopaedia is also delivered directly from the editorial system with constantly up-to-date data.”
Dorothee Schneider, Hans Huber Publishing House

Currently we are also developing the KM Suite software package for modern media production in publishing houses and industry.

KM-Suite is a combination of software modules that are optimized to work with each other and can be easily adapted to specific customer requirements. KM-Suite allows the production of high-quality, structured and media-neutral publications. Depending on complexity, these are optimized by specialists for specific requirements. All standard modules can be adapted to the customer's needs (Function and CI) and the latest technical requirements.

The following modules are in the planning stage or have already been developed and are available:

KM-Edit – The browser-based text editor has numerous but nevertheless user-friendly features to collect and structure texts, formulae, tables and images for inclusion in a database.

KM-Author – The authoring and editorial system goes a step further than the editor. KM-Author has a freely configurable, comprehensive concept of rights and roles that allows the mapping of complex process chains. We have already successfully deployed KM-Author within the scope of a customer project.

KM-Convert – Standard solutions rarely produce usable results because of different database formats. We develop a suitable conversion workflow strategy after performing a comprehensive analysis. Efficiency is given top priority in our development of the concept. In addition to automation the quantity and consistency of the underlying data are critical to economical operation.

KM-Data – Tailored to the client's specific requirements, our database concept offers a basis to efficiently, consistently and permanently store large amounts of data. The relevant data is then available for editing or export by the user.

KM-Publish – An optimal export requires a thorough analysis of the underlying data structure. The principle for efficient publishing also applies here – the degree of automation depends on the complexity and the quantity of data to be published.

Publishing requires a professional reworking of the basic data, regardless of whether it is PDF, ePub or Mobipocket to offer the reader real added-value.